Behind The Scenes At Spector's Famous
Woodstock NY Workshop

The Real Deal.

We are dedicated to creating the finest electric stringed instruments possible. Stuart has been building handcrafted electric guitars and basses since 1974. Years of experience are the best teacher, yet there is always something new to learn,
and new challenges to be met.

At Spector only the finest woods and highest quality components are used in construction.

Every effort is made to bring out the total tonal capabilities of each instrument. 
All instruments are final adjusted at least two times to achieve the maximum performance before shipping.

We are a true woodworking shop with available options per instrument.
Each month we complete less than thirty of our NS & Coda style basses (and a USA Series guitar or two when possible!).

Spector instruments are designed and built to last more than a lifetime. In this modern world of disposable items
we regard it as a rare privilege to be able to build instruments that will be around long after we are gone.

Let us handcraft the bass of your dreams™

Here is a short video shot by Stuart Spector on his iPhone showing basses in process at our NY workshop.
This is where the magic happens!

Often Imitated, Never Ever Duplicated.

Never one to rest on our laurels, we constantly find ways to make the best even better for you.
Our 2014 launch of our Helium® option is another example of our industry leading forward thinking.

To learn about our revolutionary NS curved body design 
and to view our History Slideshow as well as some of our brochures, catalogs, and ads from over the decades
please visit our NS Body History Page & Complete History Page.


Hand-made. World-played. 

Every USA Spector bass is a unique creation.
At Spector we mean what we say...true high end handcrafted bass guitars.

Instead of growing to be a large corporation with a "Custom Shop" stamping out instruments that have no soul,
we continue to focus on making the best possible quality basses every year.

We do not rely on fancy advertising campaigns but rather invest 
in the wonderful woods and premium components for our basses.

Check out some pictures from our workshop.

Welcome To The Big League.

Each decade since the 1970s we are honored that so many artists and players have chosen Spector for their musical journey!
Thank YOU for choosing Spector and letting us be part of your sound!

Please click below to view our USA Handcrafted Series basses:



NS Neck-Thru™






NS Bolt-On™



Coda® DLX