Premier Guitar Rig Rundown with Spector Artist Doug Wimbish of Living Colour

Before their Nashville gig in April of 2016, Living Colour’s Vernon Reid and Doug Wimbish met with PG’s John Bohlinger to talk about their combined sorcery that makes guitar, bass and drums sounds like an army of instruments.

Explore the complete Rig Rundown!

August/2015 - -Premier Guitar’s Perry Bean features Between the Buried and Me in a Rig Rundown.

Bassist Dan Briggs exclusively uses his Spector NS-2000/5, his signature bass. It’s modeled after the bass that Briggs has owned and played since he was 16. The bass features neck-through construction with a 3-piece rock-maple neck, a rosewood fretboard, maple body wings, and a quilted-maple top.   Check out this full Rig Rundown or skip ahead to the 9:07 mark where it’s all about Spector for Dan Briggs.

Check out what Premier Guitar had to say about the Legend5 Neck-Thru!

Stuart Spector has been crafting high-end basses since the ’70s. He diversified his product line in the ’80s with an affordable Korean-made series, whose latest offering is the Legend5 Neck-Thru, a slick 5-string offering loaded with Aguilar electronics.